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Welcome to my website!

Paul Taylor - motorcycle communications specialist

Hi, welcome to my new website. Here you'll find out some more about me, the services I offer and the projects I have been working on.

What I do

Gotta be honest, I sometimes find it difficult to explain what I do when people ask me. Basically, I'm a freelance communications specialist working mainly in the motorcycle industry.

Because it's a relatively small industry, I am a bit of a Jack of All Trades - however I am a master of some! Much of what I do is in the background, writing copy for motorcycle manufacturers and service providers (press releases, social media, advertising, websites etc.) and providing a wide range of other marketing and consultancy services, such as event management, public relations and product development. Over the years I've worked both agency and client side, in a wide range of roles, which gives me a very rounded view of our industry.

In recent years I have also diversified to more visible roles, presenting video content including motorcycle reviews, rider interviews and general features. It's a role I really enjoy and I'm able to bring all of my experience and knowledge to the audience, creating content that's engaging and credible to both client and viewer.

How can I help?

If you're looking to develop or promote your product, I can help!

I'm also keen to hear from you if you're looking for someone who can deliver killer written or video content.

Get in touch to find out more!


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