Pricing and Standard Terms

At Platinum Communication our mission is to provide top quality services at value for money prices. We believe that our rates are very competitive.

Being a freelance business with low overheads means that we are able to offer agency quality at a fraction of the cost and in many cases we’ll also work out less expensive than doing the job in house too. Remember, you’ll only pay us when you need us and you don’t need to worry about our holiday pay or national insurance contributions. We even buy our own coffee!

Each job is priced individually, based on the number hours and other resources required. In all cases we will clearly detail how we have come up with our quotes and eliminate any of the ‘fat’ that we know clients hate. We are expert at looking at the client’s budget and offering suggestions as to the most effective way to deploy it for maximum return on investment, so don’t be afraid to come to us with your budget – we will work with you to make a package that suits your needs.

We believe in being flexible to fit in with the client’s needs, which is why we have three ways of working:

Our Mission
To deliver an outstanding communications programme tailored to your individual needs, in a cost effective manner.

The client pays a monthly fee, in return for access to our services for a set number of hours each month. For clients who want us to run their press office, handle a campaign, create newsletters or any other work that involves regular use of our services, this way of working usually works out the most cost effective for clients and brings with it all the benefits that one would expect from a long term relationship.

You tell us what you want and we do it at a pre-agreed price. Whether it’s a press release, website, brochure or an event, if you want a one-off or infrequent job done, this is probably your best way of working.

On occasion we may be able to offer a performance related fee structure, where payment is determined by a pre-agreed commission based on results achieved (ie: media coverage, sales leads or other agreed metrics). This way of working can be appropriate for product placement projects, social media campaigns, sponsorship management and exhibition work. Should we agree to a performance based payment structure, the client would still be liable for any start up costs and expenses.

How our rates are calculated

Prior to taking on any projects, Platinum Communication will estimate the amount of time required to complete a job, as well as any other expenses which may be incurred.

These will be clearly communicated to you in a detailed estimate. Work will only commence following your written agreement.

For smaller copywriting jobs we can operate on a ‘per word’ basis.

Should you decide to work with us, you will enjoy an open and transparent relationship

As part of our fee, we would usually include the following regular services:


Contact ReportContact Reportmeeting review and next actions

For all meetings (whether face-to-face, on the telephone or over the internet) we will produce a contact report, outlining the points discussed, action points and timelines. We are a firm believer in ‘what’s the next step?’

Status ReportStatus Reportmonthly account statement

Usually monthly, these reports give the client an update on all activity carried out on their account and includes timesheets and expense reports.

Performance ReportPerformance Reportstructured activity summary

If appropriate, we will regularly send you a structured document outlining any coverage from activities, with press clippings, weblinks and performance against any other pre agreed KPIs.

Where possible, expenses would be agreed prior to commencement of a project. If travel is anticipated as part of the project, this would be factored into our charges. Any unforeseen UK travel would be charged at a standard 40p per mile. Services from outside suppliers would be subject to a 10% handling fee.


Client Confidentiality

At Platinum Communication we are experienced in working on confidential projects. Our confidentiality is guaranteed and we are happy to sign any supplier agreements you may require prior to the commencement of any work.

We will never publicise our relationship, except with your prior permission. Following the completion of the project, we may ask for a testimonial or reference. This is at your discretion and would only be shared with third parties with your agreement.

Payment Terms

Estimates for all work will be given in advance of a job commencing and in the event that we have to apply any changes to the estimate, these will be explained clearly to the client before commencing.

A deposit of no more than 50% of the monthly retainer or estimated quote will be required prior to the commencement of a project.

Invoices are issued on the last day of each month, with 28 day payment terms.