The Cult Of Noriyuki Haga

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For issue three of Insider I wrote this feature on leading world superbike rider Noriyuki Haga, who had just completed his first season on the continually developing new R1 racer.

As a ‘house’ mag it was always going to be positive and having worked with Haga all season it was, at least in some ways, a very enjoyable and fun one to write. On the other hand, the subject’s dislike of doing interviews made getting the quotes quite difficult. We actually sat down and had a good interview at an end of season PR event in Monza, although half the time I couldn’t tell if he was pulling my leg or being serious.

Interestingly the design of this changed quite a bit through the production. I always had the idea of the Manga inspired opener, which was drawn by my colleague Bas van den Biggelaar, but the following pages changed considerably as the man who wrote the cheque wanted lots of archive pictures included.

I got his point and editorially I think it added something in the end, even though we perhaps lost some of the purity of the first drafts which looked fantastic with some really clean spreads.