2011 Triumph Tiger 800 press and dealer launch

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November 2010 saw Paul develop and manage Triumph’s biggest ever launch event, simultaneously introducing two important new models (the Tiger 800 and Tiger 800XC) on dramatically different routes and terrains.

Approximately 90 journalists attended the event, held at the Barcelo Montserrat hotel on the outskirts of Barcelona, across a two week period. Each group of 10 journalists spent a day riding the Tiger 800 on road, followed by a day on mixed terrain with the more versatile XC.




Paul’s all encompassing role involved sourcing the venue, negotiating with suppliers, researching routes, liaising with internal stakeholders, risk assessing the event, managing the 12 strong staff on site, producing all event materials and working with Triumph subsidiary staff to invite the key members of the world’s press.

The event was an unparalleled success with over 500 pages of positive editorial to launch the new models. Following the press event, the infrastructure was used for a further two week event to introduce the new models to Triumph’s European dealer network.