2010 Triumph ParkinGO European Series press day

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For 2010, Triumph’s official race partner, BE1 Racing, created a one-make series called the Triumph ParkinGO European Series as a support class at European Superbike World Championship rounds.

With the series using Triumph’s critically acclaimed Street Triple R, Paul devised and managed an exclusive media day prior to the start of the season to gain an exceptional amount of coverage in print and online media around the world.




The carefully budgeted event gave the journalists a half day session on the bikes at the Valencia circuit in Spain, prior to the championship riders taking their official tests for the first time. To give plenty of track time, and to reinforce the quality of the standard product, showroom spec Daytona 675 and Street Triple R machines were provided for testing. As a pièce de résistance each of the 14 attending journalists (travelling from as far as Japan and the United States) were able to take a short session on one of the team’s highly-tuned world supersport machines.

While not as glamourous as a new product press launch, the event gave the journalists plenty to do and plenty to write about. For a small investment, the event gave an outstanding ROI. The event’s timing, at the beginning of the season, ensured excellent visibility for both the series and the products, with lots of high quality coverage thanks to the excellent photography and video service.